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2010 Sabbat & Esbat dates

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      For boys, this ritual is usually done after 12 solar cycles or 13 years of age. (Some wait for boys to get their first pubic hair.) For girls, within the first lunar cycle the onset of menses. Because this is a celebration of sexual maturity, fertility gifts are generally given at this ritual (painted eggs, pine cones, etc.) Watches & birthstone rings & cameos are also appropriate. This ritual also acknowledges the changing relationship between parent and child. The father/mother/child relationship is growing to an adult relationship that is more friendship than the younger child parent relationship. The young woman or man who has gone through this ritual is generally treated as an adult by member of the coven. Generally, there is also some type of ordeal that the child must do prior to the ritual. Generally, this ritual is done by the mother (for a girl) or the father (for a boy) and three or four same-sex friends of the family. Girls generally pass through a "birth tunnel." The women spread their legs and the girl crawls through. She is lightly spanked as she passes through and the women moan as if in childbirth. A boy, however, receives body painting of symbols that have been chosen by his father. After the ritual, there's a feast, wine and other drink, gifts, stories of gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, etc.