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      Handfasting is the life passage which comes when a Wiccan wishes to be bonded to a partner in the eyes of the Gods. This may or may not also be a legal marriage. Wiccans are more broad in how they view committed partnerships. Same-sex partnerships may be celebrated just as heterosexual ones are. And a few Wiccans participate in multiple partnerships, though this is much less common. A handfasting can be 'until death do we part' It is up to the participants. Handfastings are celebrated much the same way as weddings, with all the variations and styles seen in modern weddings. Wiccans usually hold the rite in a Circle of some sort. The couple shares their vows, and then their hands may be bound together as a symbol of their partnership. They then may 'jump the broom' together, symbolizing the  household they will share. Otherwise there are few set rules. Of course, some sort of party and feast follows.