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Rites of Passage

2010 Sabbat & Esbat dates

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      The rites performed at death can either be in remembrance of the person who has died, or passed over, or can be for those who are left behind. The rites can be a celebration of the person’s life, or a somber remembrance of everything they did and what they meant to others.

      This rite of passage may also be held for a person who is still alive, but who will soon be passing away. It may provide a great deal of comfort for them to have their life honoured by their friends. But check with the person before you plan such an event. They may be too ill to participate. This rite lies North on the Wheel of the Year, and corresponds to the Sabbat of Yule.

      The direction of South West and its corresponding Sabbat of August Eve/Lammas does not directly correspond to a rite of passage. Instead, I like to see it as representing adult, a time when we put our skills to good use and learn to harvest the results.