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      This ritual does not commit a child to any religious path. It is not a sealing of the child into Wicca. Wicca is a religion of choice, and where children may be placed under the protection of the Gods, the child is allowed to choose her or his religious path when old enough to make that decision. It is an affirmation of the parents' and the group's commitment to the child. That commitment is for love, teaching, freedom to explore other paths and ways of life, and caring (and much more).

      The High Priest should preside for a girl; the High Priestess for a boy. The age of the child at the time of the ritual is for the parents to decide. Wiccanings can take place immediately after birth or up to a year or more later. There is no set time frame.The parents typically choose a "secret name" for the child and usually also name a "Faerie God Mother and God Father" for the child. The Faerie God Parents agree to raise and/or teach the child if, for some reason, the parents cannot. The Goddess and the God are asked to "bless, protect & prepare" the child for her/his childhood & to "make clear" the proper path for this particular child. Gifts are also presented to the child at the end of the ritual. During most Wiccaning rituals the child is introduced to the elements by walking with the child around the Circle & finally to the center to introduce the child to the gods.